Pay Attention

by hmm

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a journey from the outskirts of the universe to Earth and back through the universe


released 28 February 2012

Anthony "Hmm" Mathis - vocals, MPC1000, guitar, synth, software
Greezy - appears on "Nothing is Real" , Freshly Baked, and "Leave You all behind"
Black Jesus - appears on "Freshly Baked" and "Leave You all Behind"
MrtyMcFlyasFck - appears on "Leave You All Behind"
Natasha Hall - appears on "Interplanetary Sanctuary"

Cover Art by David "Curlz" Otis



all rights reserved


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no1mportant (hmm) Austin, Texas

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Track Name: Bring Me Down
They wanna drive me crazy
They wanna run me off
They think I'm taking over
Man this aint yo world no more, no more

These niggas think I'm crazy
they want me to go home
they think I'm taking over
They don't know how right they are, they are

They try to bring me down
but it only builds me up
they try to take my pants off
thinkin Imma give a fuck
They wanna run my plans
to get me nowhere quickly
They just don't understand
when I say I'm over sitting
I've got my head in the clouds
They just got lowered ceilings
theyre already dead in the ground
Im up smokin with Pac and Biggie
You cannot stop the lifting possibly
impostors freeze, I am unconsciously
too obstinate to honestly be
conscientious of my consistent descent from the lottery
My intents commit to ascent and become astronomy
I am illogical, unsolvable, improbable.
I am not curable, a miracle, impossible
That means I'm possible and I'm high enough
to feel sky
One thing I realize, there's no such thing as real eyes.

They wanna drive me crazy
They wanna run me off
They think I'm taking over
Man this aint yo world no more, no more

These niggas think I'm crazy
they want me to go home
they think I'm taking over
They don't know how right they are, they are

They all are growing up
and I'm just growing pot
Im already blowing up
they still tryin to figure out whats hot
They walk the Earth seeking a purpose
for their birth n shit
I float the universe, humans disperse when verses hit their worthless ears
been surfing the surface of perks from worrilessness
My personal purpose is purposely first to live and die purposeless
They cannot read the signs
I paint the big portrait
They fuck up at serving a purpose
I am perfectly worthless
They got they heads too tight, bread too white
go to bed at night
I am ahead of life, get better sight with redder whites
They wanna sandwich me, I take that plan and foil it
They all up in my shit so Im quick to flush the toilet
Theyre on a downward spiral, this is me being straight up
They stay so damn alarmed, that they never can ever wake up
They protect theyre skin and bones
I spill my heart and soul
They try hard to stay young
I'll never start to get old
I am the big, bad wolf. They build theyre house with sticks
They think they know it all. I know I dont know shit.

They wanna drive me crazy
They wanna run me off
They think I'm taking over
Man this aint yo world no more, no more

These niggas think I'm crazy
they want me to go home
they think I'm taking over
They don't know how right they are, they are
Track Name: Nothing is Real
Greezy- (intro)
Believe none of what you hear, and half of what you see
Thats why I laugh I did the math and you are half of one of me...

Nothing really matters anyone can see,
there are no such things as matters that matter of factly
They scattering scat, fecal matter, and scraps of debris
staggering back to the shadows the savage attacks free
Tax free. Soak more time, try to battle it.
Birthplace of folklore, call my mind Nazereth
Call my mind happiness, call my mind hazardous
call my cup half full in a Winehouse, that's cadaverous
Nothing ever makes sense, til u make it make sense
You doin the robot, while I'm doin the caveman
You doin the funky fried chicken side of grave man
You doin the concubine shuffle with that gay man
Sac-religious sacrificials stack they sacks and pack the missles
Mask the past and act official, laugh with bats and clap with pistols.
and masochists basque in this paddle packin hassle riddled, ragamuffin tough actin Tinaccurate blast of plasma hit you
This that Betty Shabazz attack on civil rights they carry Knightly they Pirates and theyre fancies tickled
and theyre fantasies mainly tainted riddles, sadly lack imaginry, bashful but dopeless, hopeless wishfuls.
So may the force be with you, and may the mighty morphin morph u from a morsel into
a more supportive sort of Schwarzenegger before election
tore into a predator and rode on horse with swords and weapons.

Nothing is real.

Nothing is real man, everything will pan
out into an infinite dissonance missing real plans.
and i insist on envisioning this as thrilling but willingness is just killing us
really the shit is still bland.
House Party like its 99 everyday
cuz im not Ready for the World, I wanna Kid n Play.
I wanna sit n stay inside my inner kid, MJ.
Workin day n night, get out of my life, beat it, push me away.
Psychedelic drugs show you what you don't always see
that is how it is, how it was, and how it will always be
How it was all so vivid, until they made us see,
and how it wasn't what it is until we made it be.
And now we taking these direct displays of make believe
and placing it in our faces wearing make up laced with latency.
See we the actors we pay to see
We the masters of slavery
we are factors of fakery.
Belief is everything , everything is unquestionably
Unbelievable from birds that fly to driving in vehicles
We all dyin to see what comes after dying believe in
whatever we can to reach whether Mayans or higher beings
Thinking is harmful but ever so cleverly thought out by the intangible present essence of everything
Belief is torturous, never knowing is heavenly,
Ever-going is forever showing its efforts to never be

Nothing is Real
Track Name: Freshly Baked
I take my brain out the oven, what a tasty treat
Baking all my bread, man I should own a bakery
I stay awake just to bake and laze lazily
Yes I worship Mary while u stay amazed gracefully
The bass sick just like cable is basically
based and im loaded so my balls are all basily
Charazard pokeball ballin animatedly
Major League haters seem to be aware of where I be
Can't accept my style tho they wear their style wearily
Used to wear name brands now people are wearing me
Used to care a smidgen now I'm midget fucking carelessly
Missing nothing, everything is in my underwear I be so
Baggin Saggin Barrily, everything is everything
and everyone that says it isnt isnt watching carefully
Eyes clearly like beverly Hills have eyes that stare at me
Over being over it, me sober is a rarity

Freshly Baked, blazed and stoned as fuck
Dazed for days daily I toke and choke up
chasing my hopes cuz my hopes is up
So im up lookin down, Down on your Luck
Chasing my hopes cuz my hopes is up

Black Jesus

Track Name: Be Ourselves
I am undeniably clever, an intellectual, intelligent they laugh at all my jokes before I tell 'em.
But I'm careful with my lecturing, pestering these pedestrians with pessimistic lessons that pressure my very essence.
But I know what I feel and they're very wrong
And I wont take my time bc time takes too long.
Let me shed the federals, less of them on my testicles.
Invest my time impressing myself, testing my limits daily.

When can we be ourselves?
I love this...
When can we be ourselves?

That was not rhetorical, making my mind hysterical
This shit could be historic, America grows acceptable
Incapable apparently, parents leave kids a parent
Leaving kids to seek their merit in marijuana I met it
And I love how it feels, but they say it's wrong
So I don't show my face, I keep my mask on
And I feel so much demoralization I have to pour my eyes
Ignore it more I'm forced to hide like I am under mortar fire

When can we be ourselves?
I love this
When can we be ourselves?

And I love how I feel, no this can't be wrong
So I display my realness in every song
Whisper words of wisdom let it be, carelessly
be a better me, there is no better therapy
There are people should hear this daily
Track Name: Hurry Up and Wait
Time is a one act miming your vocal show
Lying to your one track mind-fucking your black hole
Born again virgin ears hear the sermon,
drink from the cratered water that does not flow
Don't take so long to wait

Living as a clone when optimizing is optional
Driven by the moment, stuck in the stop n go
Faith in existence creates inhibitions
Waste of a vision, punctured with plot holes
Don't take so long to wait

Wait, there's more...
Track Name: Distractions
I lose my will to pray
A losers will I say, the
nice shoes, the bills I pay
The tunes I will not play and
the blues of feeling played
A room to get away from
the newest thrills today
The rules by which I play when

Im in my mind, I fall out
seconds time, nevermind
In thine eyes, I still fall
to place my sign and grace your mind

Distractions are taking me away from
this passion, misplacing me in space

Can't you see yourself in a better place than this?

A clueless lunar gaze
consumes my soonest days and
the shrooms I feed my brain
the loony toons I play with
Track Name: Don't Scream
I can't sleep, come to bed.
Chase me into fantasy land.
Wear my effervescent sight
Your head might get rest tonight.

Take me to a party, take me somewhere real.
Take me to a dealer that has some better pills.
Take em when I wanna, as many as I please.
Take em to be good to you, to make you good for me.
See we remain friends, but call it what you will.
I've got voids Im paranoid they'll never get filled
This is not fulfilling. My feelings aren't true.
I am just in such a rush, to feel something new.

So don't scream at the top of your lungs
because I cannot afford to be loved this week.
See everything is different now and I am not myself without drugs and sleep.
See I'm not trying to change your mind, I just feel you're wasting time trusting in me.
Yay or nay?

Take what makes you happy
Leave what makes you stay.
Take those messy feelings and
throw them all away.
Give me what I've got coming.
Force this boy to learn.
Take a bunch of pictures so you'll have something to burn.
See we remain friends, but call it what you want
You set boundaries settling down, but I'm not having fun.
It's true you have fallen for these awful tricks.
You say you want to fix me so
Let's find me a fix
Track Name: Interplanetary Sanctuary
So I pogo stick to Jupiter
fiended for this planet now Im planted like a Juniper
See I couldn't stand it, Goddamn I'm too intuitive
and human beings manage to stay damaged and get stupider.
Man I got the ruthless gut, truth is us you toothless fucks can suck dick down with your mothafuckin roof and gums.
Ok I'm sorry for my outburst, just tired of sorry niggas multiplying to amount to worse.
Man Im bout to curse about this birth Im bout to hurt my mouth with words Im out my herd Im out my mind Im out this Earth.
Now upon this planet I stand a man with no plan it was manifested in fantasy land like I am enchanted.
And man I couldn't handle shit like a toilet that's handleless.
Handed in my shambles, got amped up on ample cannabis.
Man I wish grandma could see me now, she'd be proud to see all of this happiness and peace we found, shes around if ever I need her to be a seeing hound.
See we now are Jupiterians and Earth is singled out.
And yes it was an easy choice
I'm intergalactic planetary beastly boy

This was never what I imagined
this is what I knew from the start
I am done with human interaction
I have let them pass, and let life start.

So now I basque inside my solitude
and mama you can come once you get done with all you've got to do
Pops you are invited just decide that it is possible
Sister damn I miss you bring Zaniah when she can eat solid foods
and I have not forgotten my dudes, hop here too
bring some nugs and all of us can rendezvous
Impossible they deem this implausible due to obstacles
you're optionless Im treating your lame brain as monster food
You hollow dudes, invisible, Kevin Bacon this not Footloose
I got the juice for these electronics and that's the shocking truth
I wonder if they miss the sight of me
this side of me they've never seen it always spoke silently
it might just be his hopeless dreams I'm sure they think entirely
just want the like minded no one needs to like or admire me
And yes it was an easy choice,
I'm intergalactic planetary beastly boy

This was never what I imagined
this is what I knew from the start
I am done with human interaction
I have let them pass, and let life start.

Fall in place, your God is robbing sons while you are lost in space